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Dear followers:

My best friend said I failed her. She had expected me to think of reasons to stop Trump from winning the Presidency. This is my answer to her challenge.

I’m convinced we must not re-elect Donald Trump or TrumpsGOP enablers in 2020, I intend to convince you, too. I base my arguments on Loss of Life and Poor Economic Performance, as defined by the Cato Institute!

  • I know, Four more years of Trump, will be catastrophic for Americans in the Lower and Middle Classes, now I’ve got to convince you.

Let’s start with the arguments I heard for his re-election! I hear a lot of conspiracy theories about the Corona Virus originating in a Chinese Lab in Wuhan? Why is this relevant? No matter where the virus originated, it is the President’s job to mitigate it’s impact on Americans. Since this theory stops short of Bio terrorism, why give it credence?

  • Besides, this theory has been debunked. For years, “man” has been encroaching on Natural boundaries, through farming, ranching & wild animal bazaars . Because we have encroached on Nature, it has been predicted by epidemiologists, virologists and microbiologists, that one day we’ll have a virus, that crosses the barrier between animal and man , resulting in a Pandemic.
  • A “Zoonosis” pathogen, capable of jumping from it’s original animal host to man, was predicted, as a Natural consequence of “man’s” behavior. This Pandemic or one like it, was our destiny, accompanying our lifestyle.
  • Similar conspiracy theories originated when AIDS( Human Immunodeficiency virus, HIV) arrived on American shores and decimated the Homosexual Community. At first, there were rumors that the US government unleashed this deadly virus to “kill off their population”. That wasn’t true. It was later found that non human primates from the Congo had the virus. It was called, the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus.
  • It jumped from apes to man. It was spread initially through sexual contact. Men, women and children were infected with this disease. It was passed through the Placenta and it was passed through Blood transfusions, tainted with the virus. (So many young lives succumbed to this virus and died. It was a dreadful loss to our Society.)

To recap: Viruses, that originate in animals and then “jump” to man have a name, ” Zoonosis”. H1Ni (swine Flu), Ebola, and MERS (an upper respiratory virus), all had animal origins that made the leap from animal to man. This is not unusual. In fact, as man continues to encroach upon Nature, Pandemics, like SARS COV2 will become more prevalent. That’s why we can never relax our Pandemic vigilance and will always have to allocate money to Pandemic Protectiveness and prevention.

  • When I was sitting next to Dr. Noam Adir, a physicist from The Technion, last March, we were contemplating the spread of the Corona Virus and whether this would be the last one seen. Dr. Noam Adir, said, Definitely Not!

As man encroaches on the Amazon Rain Forest, the Arctic and the Antarctic and continues to deplete our permafrost, we will unleash microbes that have been embedded in the ground or caves for millions of years. SARS COV2 dates back 60 million years. That’s why we’re still learning about it’s properties of transmission and the after effects of infection.

  • It’s easy to be distracted by politics and conspiracy theories, rather than concentrating on the amount of preparation and care you must take to keep yourself healthy and everyone you come in contact with equally healthy.
  • Since SARS COV2 is transmitted by droplets of speech, carried in the air we breathe, social distancing, masks, gloves and good hygiene are imperative.
  • Therefore, assuming the Conspiracy Theories are correct and Obama didn’t sufficiently replenish the Protective Gear Stockpiles, so what? Trump has been in office more than 3 yrs. When does he assume responsibility for his inaction?
  • Trump was briefed on the Possibility of a Pandemic occurring during his tenure. He knew last November,(2019), a Corona Virus Pandemic was a possibility. He briefed Israel and NATO and they prepared for a Pandemic. Why didn’t TRUMP prepare for this Pandemic? Why did he gamble with our LIVES?
  • Nor can you find comfort in Chinese conspiracy theories. Trump praised China for quickly sharing with the USA, the decoding of the DNA of the SARS COV2 virus .

ONLY TRUMP can be blamed for his ineptness in handling the Corona Virus. WHY didn’t he use his power to save 136,000+ lives & our livelihoods?

As our President, claiming he’s all powerful, he uses his power to sell off Public Lands cheaply to oil companies. He uses his power to give tax cuts to Corporations.

  • Why didn’t TRUMP choose to use his power to prevent 136,000 + Americans from dying from SARS COV2?
  • Why didn’t he use his emergency power to reposition industries for the sole purpose of making enough protective gear for first responders?
  • Why didn’t he purchase the Covid testing kits, that the rest of the World uses successfully from WHO?
  • Why didn’t Trump send teams to Germany and South Korea to copy their tracing techniques?

We’re still waiting for adequate testing and tracing of the virus in the USA, why?

Do you really think, when a vaccine is released to the Marketplace, all of a sudden, Trump and Trump’s administration, will release the vaccine to the elderly or minority populations? Why would he?

When the Northeastern States were in dire need of PPE’s, we all had to purchase them on the open market. There is no reason to believe, Trump will turn benevolent, now. It’s out of character. However, playing “Devil’s Advocate”, even if TRUMP did give us all the vaccine. Doing right, once, doesn’t mean he’d make our next 4 years a “Utopia for Realists”!

Would I vote for TRUMP? Never! Do I think we’ll all have equal access to a Vaccine? NO!

Make no mistake, Trump & Trump’s Administration are inept. They can’t deal with real world problems. They don’t have the smarts to rely on the professionals and give the professionals the tools required to keep Americans alive. I can’t Vote for Trump or Trump’s GOP because they have failed every American. They have not provided coherent Leadership to maintain our Economy and keep people alive.

The Sates that opened their Economies too early, haven’t seen the peak in death tolls yet. They’re still in the rising infection stage. Though they may be covering up the extent of infections, the fact that Hospitals are filled to capacity, tells the Country, the South and South West are still incubating this virus.

  • It makes me weep for Everyone suffering, because Trump refuses to take responsibility for his ineptness. He and his Party have left the American People to fend for themselves.

Americans have lost their lives because Trump & Trumps GOP continue to downplay the seriousness of this Pandemic.

  • Unfortunately, the disbelievers will learn first hand why New Yorker’s are healthcare and hygiene conscious. It’s no surprise, minorities were infected and died at a greater rate than the wealthier population.
  • Minorities had to work, had to be exposed to the virus, live in overcrowded conditions, don’t have access to the the best preventive medicine or the freshest foods. There’s no place for them to self isolate and there’s no access to affordable preventive healthcare and counseling. They couldn’t avoid virus susceptible conditions.
  • Unfortunately, the citizens of Texas, Arizona, Georgia and Florida may all feel the effects of this Pandemic. They unwisely followed Trump & Pence’ Lead. No masks, no social distancing and I can’t comment on the constant dedication to good Hygiene. However, populations with tainted water or limited water resources & soap are at risk, too. Poverty is not limited to the minorities.
  • It makes me sad to realize that the Pandemic for many States, in the South and the West, are just beginning to see the rising wave of infections.
  • If you’ve watched us, you’d know it takes at least 4 months of due diligence to crush the infectious curve. That means wearing a Mask, to protect yourself and others, self isolation and washing everything you touch with soap and water or disinfectant on used surfaces, when coming home from a Public space.

What could Trump have done to Mitigate the effects of this Pandemic?

  • He could have invoked the War Powers Production Act to repurpose Manufacturing to make the Protective equipment we need.
  • He could have let Dr Fauci advise him and the Nation on best practices under Pandemic conditions. Dr Fauci is respected Globally, not here.
  • He could have maintained our Pandemic Prediction staff.
  • He could have worked with other Nations to employ their methods of mitigating the Contagion. Instead he continues to minimize the effects of this Pandemic. Our lives are not worth saving. That’s what I see and that’s what I hear.
  • If American lives were important to Donald Trump, as important as it is for him to be mean spirited and self promoting, he’d care about the loss of every American life. It’s very clear, neither he nor Mike Pence, nor his Administration care about American lives.
  • Why would you vote for TRUMP, Pence or TRUMPS GOP enablers, when they don’t see you or care about your well being?

In summary, I accuse, Donald Trump of the murder of 136, 000 + Americans

TRUMP could have prepared our Nation for this Pandemic and failed!

So far, I’ve discussed his ineptness as a Leader during a Pandemic. What’s his excuse for not maintaining our Economy, either? Our Economy, according to the Cato Institute was limping along, doing less well than during the Obama years and Obama had a major Recession to turn around.

Why didn’t Trump invest in the American people? Why didn’t Trump invest in Infrastructure, as promised?

Why didn’t Trump invest in Main Street and Wall Street? Why has Trump continually bailed out Wall Street ? There can be money for People and Profits. Other countries are resuming their economies. People are working. Why aren’t Americans able to do the same under the same conditions as our “once” European Partners?

Why has Trump chosen to do nothing, when intervention and mitigation of this virus would have meant saving both our lives and our Economy?

Germany never furloughed their employees. German Employees have jobs at 80-90% of their original salaries. Great Britain gave every employee a generous Basic Living Wage Package.

What did we do? We gave relief to Corporations, again. While employees, contractors, the unemployed, the marginal and the elderly are left to fend for themselves. 22-40.8 million are out of work according to Government estimates, depending on which analysis you study. We never counted contract workers, or part time workers or the long term unemployed, therefore, the number of People without jobs could be the much higher number of 40.8 million without work. We may not know, till there’s a Rebellion. Is that what Trump wishes? Citizens permanently camped out, protesting in Washington, DC? Meanwhile, Trumps not weeping for Gen X’ers, Millennials or the the age discriminated 40-65 yr olds.

Who is secure? Only the Ultra wealthy, the Corporate CEO’s, the Hedge Fund Owners. Under Trump and Trump’s GOP, inequality and class divisions have widened. There is no bargaining for better jobs, until schools realize to reopen safely, they’ll need more resources than they have funding? Or our 1st Responders become ill and replacement labor costs more and they insist on protection from the virus, Only when American’s demand better jobs and wages and a seat at the Corporate Table will inequality be lessened. Previously, I supported, the Roosevelt Foundation & Harvard study, entitled “A Clean Slate for Workers”.

  • Do you think Corporate America, will respond , in a timely manner ,with the Infrastructure improvements necessary to provide a safe work space? New York hired experts to detail our reopening plans and our shops are in compliance. Even so, after 4 months of Isolation, many are afraid to return to “work” and entertainment is limited. It will be a long time before indoors dining, theater and concerts, returned to darkened structures.

Now that their States are seeing a rise in SARS COV2 infections, some are distancing themselves from Trump. It’s too late. They’re still not mandating that Masks be worn or that People Social Distance. They’re still reluctant to re engineer factories to comply with Covid safety. The Cato Institute gave Trump a black mark for his handling of the Economy before the Virus. They cited Trade Wars and Tariffs, the GDP and employment issues. As this Pandemic lingers for months, what are his plans for reviving the Economy? What are Trumps Plans & his Administrations Plans to loosen the Federal Purse, to help people survive during potentially 4 more months of living with this Pandemic? We no longer need relief, “we the People” need stimulus, a Basic Living Wage.

As we continue to suffer with uncertainty over our next paycheck or our next meal, or whether or not we’ll have a roof over our heads, TRUMPS GOP wants a guarantee that the money given the Lower and Middle classes will be well spent? Why didn’t they care when Large Multinationals and other Corporations helped themselves to the PPP fiscal packages & the SBA loans intended for small businesses only. Only, “we the People”, need to justify our existence and our rights to basic human needs. Where is equal Justice?

Since many have been underpaid initially and don’t qualify for unemployment or Small Business Loan Assistance, isn’t it cheaper to give Americans a $5000-10,000 handout, costing between $800 Billion and $1.6 Trillion, capable of sustaining 154 million people through the next Pandemic cycle? Why tie the money to job creation, that doesn’t exist. Think Big and do what’s right.

Give the American People, 18 yrs old and older, working or not working, Medicaid or Medicare, making less than $75,000 a year A BASIC LIVING WAGE!

Why would I vote for Trump, when there has been no action to save our People or our Economy? Why?

Once again, Let’s recap, who does benefit from Trumps Economy? The Ultra Wealthy. They’ve been bailed out twice and what do many corporations have on their balance sheets? Debt? The only way for ordinary Americans to escape another bail out is through a bail in. Corporations without a cash mote, must save themselves, their CEO’s and shareholders. They pay for their losses, not the American People. Americans no longer have the buying power to support themselves, purchase products or bail out another stock market/ Wall Street fiasco.

If Trump and Trumps GOP were so smart, why didn’t they understand Americans needed a Basic Living Wage in order to purchase products, food and maintain their rental homes? Late Stage Capitalism is like a cancer, It ate our Economy and only 1st tier Corporations will survive. The inequality divide increased. Deaths of Despair, including suicides and homicides increased. “We the People” are suffering and dying!

329 million Americans are not better off now than they were 5 years ago. Their wages were stagnating after the Great Recession of 2008 and wages never recovered prior to Covid 19. With Covid 19, the American worker is worse off than he was 5 years ago.

Don’t believe me, read the Cato Institute report and their analysis of TRUMPS Economic Failure.

For me, Not Caring About American Lives, not taking responsibility for all 329 million American lives, that’s enough for me to question his lack of character and think his Leadership is a threat to our National Security. Could I vote for him, never!

When you couple the needless loss of life, because he failed to act as a responsible Leader, a President, you must reject him for his misuse of our Economy as well. He has run our Country, like he runs his businesses, on debt. He rewards that debt by piling on more debt on the American People. Trump continues to bail out CEO’s, shareholders & Corporations swimming in too much debt, while a rigged market bounces around and “we the People”, don’t have $400 in reserve.

Americans who have been furloughed are not getting back their jobs. We’re not traveling, but we will need transportation to the new jobs we’ll create with a New New Deal. That’s a given.

Prior to the Pandemic Americans weren’t paid a decent wage with dignity. Wages were stagnant and we were treated as disposable tools by Corporations.

Consumers could no longer afford to purchase the goods and services of American Corporations. We already had food deserts. We already had poor who couldn’t get to work because there was no available transportation or couldn’t work or take on line classes, from home , since they lacked the funds and the connections for WiFi and connectedness.

All these issues existed before the Pandemic. Were they addressed, a few Philanthropists cared. Trump and TrumpsGOP, they had one mantra, return to work or school, the how was up to us, There was no planning for a Society the day after Covid Mitigation. No OHSA requirements and enforcements. No FDA inspections and enforcements of worker safety?

The Economy is on shaky ground. We’ve bailed out Corporations with Trillions and have failed to give Main Street a lifeline. Now both Main Street and Wall Street are on shaky ground, except Main Street needs an immediate cash infusion to survive and a change in Corporate attitudes, recognizing their worth.

Labor is not a needless expense . If you watch them die, who will purchase Corporate products?

If Corporations give employees so little money, they can’t afford school, WiFi, computers, healthcare or childcare, or food, why should they willingly return to work on “old” Corporate terms?

If everyone except the borrower makes money on student loans, why should anyone repay their debt. In this instance, when Trumps Government made a deal with poor and Middle Class Americans, Trumps Administration was clever, the student loans are tied to parental debt. Parents might go homeless. The kids are trapped, their growth stymied by their honesty and desire to work and earn a decent living, while the Banks greedily await school debt repayments, the Banks Benefit. The Government benefits too along with the Academic Institutions and “we the People”, Lose.

If this was a Bail out for Wall Street and large Corporations, the Federal Government would not be clever and it wasn’t. Trillions have been paid as stimulus to Corporations , Hedge Funds, Attorneys, any large connected group or individual who applied for the PPP payments and the SBA and there were no strings for repayment attached.

Under theses conditions, could you really Vote for TRUMP in November. Could you Vote for TRUMPS GOP? Those Senators and Governors and Legislators who want means testing for the poor and Middle Class and no accountability from the wealthy?

Why would you vote for unequal Justice on an Economic and Societal level? If you value yourself, your family and your Community, you can’t Vote for TRUMP or anyone who has enabled him!

If Trump could have been proactive. Listened to the experts, shut down the Country early on expert advice and limited death, the reopening could have run smoothly. That’s not his way. He thinks short term and can’t think long term planning, nor can anyone he’s hired. They live crisis to crisis, but only if they’re responsible for that crisis. This Pandemic is out of their Control and the States who followed Trumps advice have doomed both their people and their economy to losses.

All these issues will weigh heavily on us , as we try to cope with the personal stress of loss of life, loss of work, loss of education, loss of food security and loss of a safe haven for rest. So many will no longer be able to rent a home or purchase one!

Preparing our environment for this Pandemic and others to come, means rewiring our Society to accommodate future Pathogens. This will require an enormous outlay of cash expenditures. There are many financial methods to be used; from printing money to tax exempt bonds. Creative thinking is necessary to retrofit and build the new systems we must have to survive and thrive in an environment that co exists with an infectious pathogen, that floats on droplets of air and is carried by the wind, by pollutants and pollution.

There’s a lot to think about. I can outline all fissures in our Society that require our immediate attention to survive and thrive and I will at another time.

On two very large fronts, Trumps policies are a failure: American Lives & OUR Economy are at RISK!

Trumps economy, so carefully crafted, is a flop. The market can’t remain frothy, as it balances many Corporate bubbles. It was past collapsing and now there’s a perfect storm of events. High corporate and consumer debt, a student loan bubble, a housing bubble, a commercial Real Estate bubble and anyone of them could burst.

Still think Trump & TrumpsGOP are economic wizards?

Trump can’t or won’t save our Economy. Because we have no National policy on the Pandemic curtailment. We’ve lost our War against an unseen Pathogen and in so doing , we’ve exposed every fissure in our Society. Do you think TRUMP & TRUMPS GOP will suddenly come to our rescue? This has been another Bad political call.

Trump & Trumps GOP, failed to understand a healthy populace is productive and creates wealth.

I’d give Trump an F on the Economy. It’s only a matter of time before the stock market agrees.

Without TRUMP & TRUMPS GOP, we can write our own History, creating Equal Justice, Economic Opportunity & Healthy & Productive Lives

We can make plans to improve our lot in life.

  • Trump & his Administration aren’t the right “leaders” at this time to do what’s best for Americans, our Country, our Corporate structures and our Federal Institutions.

If you want to be better off and know you’re on the way to achieving the American dream, you can’t vote for TRUMP or TRUMPSGOP that stood by him.

I do hope you’re convinced now, if not, Americans can and will suffer more than before. Do we really want the FDR scenario of starving people on Food lines , homeless and in despair? We can change our Story by voting out TRUMP & TRUMPS GOP in 2020 and hope the GOP Senate & the States under siege will finally see us and grant us Expanded Medicaid, paid internships, student debt relief, housing eviction relief indefinitely, Affordable Healthcare, paid child care and paid time off, free WiFi and computer connections and other human rights, that I may have failed to mention. Americans need a breather from the stress and trauma imposed upon us. Wall Street has been bailed out , no strings attached. It’s time to look at Main Street and do the same. Then we can all move forward together into the 21st and 22nd Century.

The heart and pulse of “we the People’.

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