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Dear followers:

Over the year’s I’ve given you “great content and my reasoning” behind my Political Activism. I need your participation, be aware, comment on my Social Media sites, be involved in rewriting our Dystopian History and share your thoughts and insights with me.

Political activism can’t exist in a vacuum. I need your feedback to give us a voice at all Political discussions. We the People, have been marginalized and will continue to be marginalized, until we speak up.

In a Democracy, all lives are valued. Let’s advocate for each other and a United States of America. Together we can create a civilization that is Just and fair. Do not abrogate your responsibility in this Democratic process. Be aware, stay informed and help me help you have ONE LOUD VOICE THAT REGISTERS AT ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT1 POLITICS AFFECTS US1

Thank you for listening. Please Subscribe and share with friends and those on the Political fence. Why Dump Trump & Trumps GOP, 136, 000 deaths and counting and an Economy and schools that can’t reopen until we crush this VIRUS together. Self Isolation, testing and tracing contacts are still not occurring with regularity to help us. We must resort to what worked in 1918-1920, Self Isolation, social Distancing and wearing a Mask.

Wishing you all the best.

The heart and pulse of “We the People”.

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