AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Want to reopen Schools? Listen to the Rockefeller Foundation’s discussion:# Covid-19: A Blueprint for Keeping the U.S. Economy Open

Dear followers, this is the latest discussion on, in the home testing, proposed previously. The Rockefeller Foundation has committed $100,000,000 to help poor Communities in America, receive testing with a speedy turn around. It is recognized that income inequality has created large divisions in our Society and they have to be addressed. Rockefeller is one institution that is actively working toward sustainability of poorer and marginal communities.

We the People”, must decide what kind of a Society do we want?

  • More equality and the opportunity to contribute greater contributions to society .
  • Our right to Healthcare and education and a good life is promised in the 21st Century. To achieve that now, we the People, now, need equal access to quick, cheap, in home testing. We’re no different than the NBA players, who get that access to testing now.
  • If the NBA can be tested daily, and receive results within 15 min, why aren’t we given the same privilege and peace of mind.

It’s time to reset our priorities and, if the Federal Government won’t be responsive to our needs, than we must have the States adopt plans that will guarantee money to purchase these testing kits for the General Population. The States must come together and guarantee payment in advance for 100,000,000 tests. Similar to what has occurred on the Federal level with vaccine funding. The Federal Government has guaranteed the manufacturers orders, for an excess of a Billion dollars.

The Rockefeller Foundations Panel Discussion on Covid 19 , 7/22/20. Why the Simple cheap test is necessary for all equally. It will allow schools to reopen and provide more economic security, as the tests are used and the sick isolated.

The heart and pulse of :we the People”.

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