TheVoiceOfJoyce Preview Agenda for YouTube Episode #70 Relief

Relief & Stimulus Bill for &1.9 Trillion going to the Senate. 

86% of the population behind this Relief Package. 

Money to unemployed, including Gig workers 

Schools getting needed funds for facilities & testing 

States getting a cash infusion to be used for Vaccines , infrastructure 

Small businesses get PPE’s 

Remove the Filibuster

The $15/hr wage increase won’t survive, unless the Filibuster is removed or the Senate GOP agree , as they stated, with increasing the minimum wage , now, to $10/ hr. 

Don’t let perfection become the enemy of the good. We need progress. 

We’re still suffering with Covid outbreaks, 500,000 have died and Dr Michael Mina’s RapidTests require FDA APPROVAL. Help advocate.  

Election Reform, won’t happen unless the Filibuster is removed. In Defense of Democracy & to increase voter Participation and voter faith in Government, use every tool at your disposal. Remove the Filibuster.

The Heart and pulse of “we the People”.

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