TheVoiceOfJoyce: YouTube Episode #77 Tuesday, on POWER!

Agenda for EPI #77 Power!

TrumpsGOP exists for Power and money. Their winner take all politics has worked for them in 7 out of 9 elections. The minority ruled & TrumpsGOP wouldn’t want it any other way. 

TrumpsGOP supports inhumane positions. 

  • Voter suppression 
  • Gerrymandering 
  • Prison Gerrymandering 
  • Immigrant exploitation 
  • Gun Violence 
  • Racial injustice & opportunity
  • Income inequality 

We need fundamental Change! 

  • Elections Reforms
  • Police Policy Reforms
  • Gun Regulations 
  • Labor/ Union Laws reflecting a revised NLRB 
  • Immigrant Reforms ( I cite Building the American Dream, sponsored by the Ford Foundation, dedicated to Democracy) 

FDR and Churchill agreed , though fragile, Democracy must be preserved. 

We need Fundamental Change. 

Perhaps when Joe Manchin receives enough Lobbying money from Industry and organizations , he’ll  support Democracy and Americans will have fundamental change! 

See you next week 

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