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Who has POWER!

  • Democrats have held the White House and the Senate in 4 of past 28 years.
  • GOP presidential candidates lost the popular vote in 7 of the last 9 elections.

Trumps GOP is a game of Power and money for themselves.

  • Winner take all Politics has served the GOP well.

By controlling Gerrymandering, prison Gerrymandering, voter suppression & immigrant rights to Citizenship, the GOP & TrumpsGOP have controlled Congressional legislation & reforms on the Federal & State levels. The GOP has actively supported Corporations over the Rights of “We the People”. How did the GOP & TrumpsGOP win?

Preventing Immigration reforms.

  • They use immigrant labor, exploit them and deny them rights.
  • If they became citizens, would they vote for their oppressors?

Preventing Prison reform

  • Why bother to stop Prison Gerrymandering, when rural jails are an industry in many states with small population. Not only are inmates treated harshly, they’re unpaid labor for Corporations and they’re counted in the census of the State of incarceration.
  • Incarcerated Prisoners contribute to the State’s representation in Congress, providing income for their State of Incarceration.
  • That’s why recidivism is protected. Returning prisoners to jail for minor infractions maintains income for the State.
  • When a parolee is released back to their homes, there is no money to speed their reentry into society or counseling. The money resides with the State of their incarceration.
  • This practice makes no sense and requires Fundamental Change!
  • A change in our Laws.

Why does TrumpsGOP Love Voter Suppression ?

Why give people the option to vote, when they may not vote for the GOP with their anti Democracy and anti equal opportunity agendas?

It’s simpler for the GOP to say they to support small government, no regulations and low taxation for Big Businesses. Why would the GOP tell us what they really support? It’s obvious, TrumpsGOP supports Money and Power for themselves. They supported Corporations as long as the money flowed to them. Corporate Money kept the GOP machine in power, at great cost to the rest of us.

If “We the People” understood, the GOP only wanted money and power, would we vote for them ? Would we knowingly support Racial Injustice? Inequality? Income Inequality? Gun violence? Voter Suppression? Pollution?

Our fight is not Political. We’re fighting for the preservation of our Democracy. Our cause is just. To preserve our Democracy, we must have fundamental Change and that requires Congressional Legislation! How can “We the People” get the Legislation that will make our lives livable?

Pressure Corporate Citizens to with hold PAC money from those who would deny “us” our Rights.

Insist that Corporations become Corporate citizens and invest in Corporations that actively invest in their employees, support the environment and practice Corporate Governance.

Pressure or recall all Legislators who support a denigration of our RIGHTS.

“We the People” must see Fundamental Change

The GOP power grab may have gone too far. Their egregious acts have uncovered what they really stand for: personal gain at our expense! Replace Trumpers with Statesmen and women interested in our welfare!

The heart and pulse of “We the People”.

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