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I was going to write about Democracy and decided to speak about unequal Education in America and advocate for Science & technology instead, presenting new ideas and an understanding of why we’re being held back !  

At least 8 States don’t teach Science and Technology.

In Texas alone, Ars Technica has been tracking bills designed to weaken science education in schools for at least a dozen years. (That state is in no way an outlier, unfortunately—Virginia, South Dakota, New Mexico, and most recently Arkansas have all done similar work.)

Science Education Is Under Legislative Attack

What were they thinking? This article was written in 2009 and science still isn’t taught in many States. Science is our future. Together, we can reach for the stars!

Many states don’t teach actual American history, either. 

I learned, by reading, “On Juneteenth “ by Annette Gordon Reed , the liberation of slaves in Texas, didn’t occur, till 2 months after the Civil War ended.

Understanding our history, discussing our Heritage , will prevent us from repeating history!  Perhaps, that’s what TrumpsGOP are afraid of? They like the status quo, even if it kills us and it is!

Facts set us free to debate & question our policies. Science & technology set us free with new ideas for sustainability and technology. Think positive, we’ll have New jobs for new Technology, retraining and rethinking of our paths forward.  It’s already happening at IBM.

The possibilities are endless, when we’re a Democracy embracing truth & Science:

We can’t afford to be a two class society. We’re losing valuable talent. This is our opportunity to educate people and provide the scientific knowledge they’ll need, to develop a love of learning and to increase their ability to obtain good paying jobs. Don’t let States hold millions hostage to an inadequate education. That’s why I question, if we’re still a Democracy and value Science. Science has no boundaries & no limits.

Science & technology can lead the way toward a more equal society with collaborative thinking.

Want proof:

Buffett, Gates & GE Hitachi are building a Natrium “Next Generation “ clean nuclear power plant in Wyoming. A new methodology, with Zero emissions, able to link up to the electric grid. A Win win for Society. We’ll be able to manufacture products with Zero emissions, too!

NASA is going to Venus to understand why it’s a dead planet. Did Venus have oceans, an atmosphere? How does it compare to Earth’s evolution?

There’s a group that is the architect of the Internet and they meet to debate important issues that effect mankind. Unfortunately, since their mission is narrow and they don’t collaborate with people from other disciplines, they missed two very important problems, they could have resolved. Imagine, if they hadn’t passed on Derivative Trading, the crash of 2008 might have been avoided. They recently declined to place a warning on network hacking and we’re suffering the consequences.

We can’t stay in the present, no matter how comfortable for the moment. We must move forward to survive & thrive. We can do it! We have the tools. We have to share our collective knowledge and be willing to learn and take a few risks.

The heart and pulse of “WE the People”. Politics Affects US!

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