TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube Tuesday, EPI #84 Science

Description of EPI #84 Compassion & Science?

TrumpsGOP are ready to protect their domain, even if it kills us and it is. They’re controlling how we vote and how we think. In many states they write history as they see it and don’t teach evolution. No wonder there’s fear of Vaccination

Science and collaborative science can make our lives better.

Buffett, Gates and GE Hitachi are building a Natrium “nuclear power” plant in Wyoming. A win win. Zero waste & zero emissions. A next generation of Nuclear Power, Zero Emissions, for everything we manufacture!

NASA is going to Venus, to determine , if they had Oceans. If they had oceans, why are they a dead planet, now? Is this a warning for US?

The group responsible for the architecture of the Web has to rethink their mission and allow for collaboration & the solving of real world problems. Otherwise, more significant problems will continue to arise, that could have been prevented. Listen, think, comment & Subscribe.

Science and education about our Country can lead to progress. It is my hope, we can change our educational models , understand the past, acknowledge it and move forward with a sustainable future together.

The heart and pulse of “We the People”.

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