AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Why Climate Denial exists to this day? Corporate money, aided by the Koch brothers, Cato Institute and Petroleum lobbyists fought back after 1988, when a NASA expert, Hansen, rang the warning bell on Climate Warming and the climate disasters to come, if we didn’t switch to Renewable energy fast. At one time, before Exxon and Shell fired them, their scientists worked on Litium Batteries and Solar energy. The Fossil Fuel Corporations understood their damage to the Globe. They knew Fossil Fuels were causing Climate Change , pollution and destroying our planet and our health and didn’t care. Profits were more important than people or the health of our Planet. They single-handedly countered the Climate Narrative. Their Scientists quit and the Fossil Fuel Industry set out to buy political influence, sowing doubt on Climate Change. They’re successful. Their gain is everyone’s loss. Frontline will continue its docu series on the Fossil Fuel industry for the next 2 Tuesday’s @10 Pm. The Fossil Fuel industry, big Pharmaceuticals, borrow from Big Tobacco’s playbook. Overwhelming money to cast denial of Reality, preventing meaningful action to control or limit Fossil Fuels. Profits are more important than people

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