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Dear followers:

Now we know all the “kinks” in our supply chains. We know Pollution affects the poor and those with systemic diseases proportionally. We know most Americans are not paid a living wage and deserve a bailout.

We know Corporations have been rewarded for a lack of Corporate Governance, buybacks, debt and not paying their employees. Rather than contributing to Charitable causes, “we the People” would be better served , if we were paid a living wage, if our Healthcare paid for preventative medicine, if it was portable from State tot State and if we had Corporate sponsored child care and a seat on the Board.

Think big. It’s a fact, in past tragic economic situations, Labor has come out of Recessions or Depressions, stronger than before. Along with our wants should be connectedness and better education for all, including apprentice ships & retraining!

While we’re thinking about what can be, don’t forget investment in Infrastructure. This is not the time for austerity. This is a time for Economic Stimulus. While you’re thinking about our future, realize that Oligarchs won’t provide the Society we want to Survive and Thrive.

The heart and pulse of “we the People”.

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