TheVoiceOfJoyce So you’re against increasing taxes on the ultra wealthy. Why? You think they’re entitled to over 1000 x’s more income than you? Really, think again. I ran a small business, I earned a good living @2-3 x’s my employees. I wasn’t wealthy, I gave sick leave, paid vacation & decent wages to everyone, plus healthcare. I kept my business running with mechanics on payroll, good years or bad. What gas Corporate America done? They furloughed their workers and collected huge salaries for themselves. For them it’s a beautiful life, for everyone else, we have no income and we paid taxes to support our society & theirs. Do you want decent wages, benefits, healthcare, education for yourself & families, than support taxing the wealthy & we the People won’t need unemployment. We’ll have new jobs in new industries, guaranteed. Think big and demand change with opportunity for all.

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