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Since the crash of 2008 , I’ve been passionate about understanding Politics. What happens on the Federal Level and in the State Houses affects all our lives. We can’t ignore politics nor can we blindly follow one Party. The Republican Party has evolved and no longer exists for “We the People “.

The Republican Party forgot they are our servants. They have used their constituents as a money pit and then left governing 100% to Lobbyists, Billionaires and PACS that make them both money.

In the process, the GOP destroyed America’s Social safety Net .

Fundamental Change

We need fundamental change because our Rights , our wages and our lives have been diminished by the GOP Legislators, who have forgotten how to govern or write legislation.

When I hear Bipartisan, I cringe. When the GOP & DEMS agree , it’s bad news for Americans. It costs us!

1. They want a gas consumption & electric consumption tax on fuels. Saddling “We the People “ with more expenses. Why not remove the Fossil Fuel Subsidies totaling $649Billion + or Farm Subsidies, totaling $29 Billion? (Why stick with Trumps unnecessary tariffs?)

2. Now the Supreme Court says they , only Congress can Legislate Fraud. We have a Consumer Protection Agency, give it and the FTC enforcement capability. Where’s the money for Fundamental change ?

3. In 2016, Bipartisanship defanged the DEA , making Opioids the People’s problem.

Bipartisanship for Fundamental Change Benefiting “we the People”?

Will there be Bipartisanship for Fundamental Change in Police & Prison Reforms, Voting Rights Reform? I don’t think we should depend on it. We need to advocate & support candidates who support us.

For Biden to be FDR , we’ll look at his 100 days and pass judgement next week.

Biden’s Record

  • 29% of Americans vaccinated , that’s laudable .
  • Kudos to the United Mine Workers. They’re stepping up to help remaining miners. They want inclusion in the Green New Deal and that’s fair. Why should they suffer when the World has decided pollution is no longer acceptable. So much hinges on reducing Carbon Emissions.
  • Ordinary people can do their part, however, it’s up to the major Corporations and Corporate Execs to curb & Tax Aviation Fuels. That’s where the Megabucks are.
  • Want more revenue tax Hedge Funds as income, not deferred carried interest.
  • Tax derivative trades.
  • Increase taxation of Capital Gains on income in excess of $1 million.

There are lots of ways to generate revenue with out taxing “We the People “.

We’ve gotten relief and now we need the stimulus promised. That package can’t come soon enough. Many have a lack of funds to cover basic living, debt , students loans and their rent.

Our two tier society has produced one class of winners. We need equal opportunity for all.

Massive investment in the long term unemployed, the regulation of AI discrimination and real opportunities for work are necessary now. Mass transit not driverless cars should be our goal. Let’s make mass public transportation available and modernize our Communities.

We can afford the stimulus and debt because we’ll be more productive. With massive infrastructure , we have an opportunity to learn and enter new jobs. This is our reality now. God Bless you , get vaccinated and be ready to work.

The heart and pulse of “We the People”.

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