TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube #79 “The Imperial Presidency

Biden’s First 100 days & the importance of the next 100 days

We the People need Fundamental Change to preserve our Democracy.

It’s ok to Tax Corporations and those making $1 Million a year. It’s Ok to tax Hedge Funds ans convert their carried interest to income. It’s OK to close Corporate Loopholes and encourage new jobs and new businesses in America.

15% of those who were infected with Covid 19, will have Long Term disabilities. There will be vacancies in the Labor force, if discriminatory AI is no longer allowed to screen job applicants. This would also require Fundamental Change and new Laws.

Laws for the Public Good, increased Voter Participation, increased wages, Gun Safety & Unionization require Fundamental Changes and New Laws and Regulations. Those who vote for Fundamental Change stand with “We the People”.

The heart and pulse of “We the People”.

While we wait for the next 100 days:

I’d like to do something different while we wait for Implementation of these Stimulus Packages & Fundamental Change.

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