TheVoiceOfJoyce: The Imperial Presidency.

Biden’s first 100 days.

1. Vaccinated 30% of Americans, increased RapidTests to stop outbreaks!

2. Passed The Relief Packages to help Americans , by preventing eviction, aid to the Long Term Unemployed & unemployed “gig” workers.

The next 100 days will determine the real success of the Biden Presidency.

TrumpsGOP have abandoned their ability to govern. The Infrastructure Package and the Family aid Plans will be passed via Reconciliation. Exact allocations of funds TBD. The plans are not too small and will encourage economic growth & innovation.

New jobs for sustainable development.

Transportation & the elimination of lead piping are major features of the Infrastructure project.

Free to minimally expensive Childcare and free education, pre K- 12 plus 2 years of Community College.

◦ Fundamental Change must occur to preserve our Democracy & people’s lives & livelihood.

◦ The new emphasis is on science & scientific R&D

◦ TrumpsGOP can’t compete.

They’re offering sticks, voter Suppression & increased access to Guns. Their new Laws are out of step with their constituents.

Think 3rd Party; similar to the American Democratic Republican Party that existed with our Founders!

◦ Think positive. Think 3 rd Party, similar to the American Democratic Republican Party, before they split. It takes 3 yrs to change culture, I know, I’ve done it in 3 multinationals!

◦ Employ me to help you form this New Political Party, sensitive to the needs of the Majority of Americans and together, we can all move forward!

◦ The Heart & pulse of “We the People”.

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