TheVoiceOfJoyce: YouTube Tuesday Episode #83 Work? Listen, Comment & Subscribe!

What is Work like?

For Front line workers, our kids and grandchildren, it’s difficult. They’re experiencing Culture Change that promotes Burnout, employee abuse and a lack of loyalty, along with decreased productivity.

No one has time to form families and we say, “We “ revere families. If so, we need Fundamental Change, in our Labor Laws, to give employees a voice in their employment, along with better, guaranteed wages.

Those job bills, family reimbursement bills and infrastructure bills, can’t be passed soon enough. Front line employees are being replaced by automated check out. Where will they go? How will we retrain them? When? We still have the Long Term unemployed and” gig” workers left without benefits.

Work? No one is skipping to work and it would be better for America, if they were!

We can have a thriving Society. Listen to the facts & what can be.

Treat people with respect and dignity & productivity will increase. As productivity increases, prices to the consumer will decrease, at least 2 % & we won’t have to worry about temporary inflation.

Pass Fundamental Change

Change the NLRB & give us a Clean Slate for Workers with increased minimum wages.

Ensure that Corporations practice the ESG’s.

Add Fundamental Change to these Economic bills & It’s a win win for “We the People “.

Politics affects US!

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