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Episode #15 Inequality & Solutions

After this tumultuous week, I thought I’d recap what the World says about us and our common enemy, Climate catastrophes; Fire, pollution, pollutants, poor health , rising sea levels all correlate with Carbon Emission policy. The more Carbon in our atmosphere, the more catastrophic the weather events.

There’s a direct correlation between Carbon Emissions and our Planet’s warming, yet Governmental policies don’t reflect, the danger confronting us.

Don’t despair,we can, when we raise our Voices and Unite, have a “Utopia For Realists”.

Together we can overcome our State of Inequality. Many of us will need to rely on the Rule of Law. In our Country and Globally, the indigenous people, stewards of their land, have been fair game for autocrats.

Use the Law to block illegal action on your lands. File Class Action Suits, stop the plunder with Injunctions.  You’re helping the Planet by saving yourself! 

Raise your voices high when injustice occurs. Isiah would want you to use a “full- throated voice “.  

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