TheVoiceOfJoyce: YouTube Tuesday’s Ageda, Episode #81 “Dirty Tricks”

GOP Dirty Tricks ad how “We Prevent Them!

There is one Political Party!

The GOP is taking their marching orders from the Heritage Foundation. There’s no Bipartisanship, Manchin found that out when he approached his GOP opposite and was told his S1 compromise was not debatable.

DEMS must pass S1 ASAP!

They’re a legitimate Political Party, capable of making Laws. My advice, do it with haste. “We the People” still need Stimulus! “We the People” need the For the Families & the Infrastructure Bill to pay for the basics.

Revenue Streams

It’s easy for Government to find revenue streams. Tax endowments, NGO’s , derivative transactions, modify Corporate taxation, issue “MAC” Bonds! There’s lots of ways to raise money for families & infrastructure bills & jobs.

Fundamental Change Required/Eliminate the Filibuster

There’s no Labor shortage, abused workers want better wages and benefits. They deserve them, instead the GOP is taking away the extra $300 allocated in unemployment benefits. Workers need a minimum wage, the right to Organize, a say in Corporate Management, A Clean Slate for Workers.

Instead, Corporations would rather pay ransom ware, rather than pay PROFESSIONAL IT to solve their problems. That makes no sense to me. Why not be flexible like us? Decouple the grid and all critical infrastructure and implement contingency plans.

I’m tired of the GOP’s dirty tricks.

Republican Legislators speak with one mind. Everything is written down for them to follow and what have they chosen? Voter Suppression Laws, destruction of Unemployment benefits & nothing that benefits “we the People “ .

Choose an Independent 3rd Party (America Speaks, same as the Democratic Republican Party; before they split!)

Today’s GOP, doesn’t stand for or with the moderates. They want absolute power, absolutely. That’s never going to happen , we need a 3 rd Party of problem solving moderates, capable of understanding and using science & technology. See you next week!

The heart ad pulse of “We the People”!

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