AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOf Joyce: Who will write our History?# Covid Time can be temporary!

Dear followers, I’ve been listening in to historians, the Financial Times Global Boardroom and friends, recounting what’s happening in their States, now that several are opening for business prematurely.

Because of Republican ideology, many Governors do not want to know the facts about the affects of Covid 19 on their citizens. Why?

  • If they agreed to understand the spread of this contagious disease, they couldn’t justify giving money only to the top 1-20%. Therefore, better not to know what’s happening to the multitudes, then the GOP can proceed with business as usual.
  • Unfortunately, it’s not business as usual for the rest of us, as we watch loved ones become sick and die.
  • We experience trauma and stress ourselves, as we comfort our friends.
  • We experience trauma and stress by voluntarily self isolating. Knowing, we’re trying to keep ourselves and others disease free by self Quarantining. It’s not easy to self Quarantine and maintain a happy face 24/7, even if you like yourself.

Why else does the GOP prefer to remain “Clueless”?

  • The GOP would have to recognize that their inaction is raising the deaths’ and “diseases of despair” across the Country.

I sat in on the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Zoom call last week. I was invited, because my office was in Suffolk County, before I retired in 2013. I still have many friends, business associates and employees living on Long Island. I listened and grew concerned.

There is an uptick in Domestic Abuse and Opioid Addiction in Suffolk County, Long Island. Deaths of Despair are increasing here, as they are all across our Nation, as folks resort to violence against themselves and others ,when isolated together in close quarters, with no end in sight and no job prospects or income either!

  • This is a dreadful state of affaires for even the most stoic. I know the facts. I understand that staying indoors now, will lessen the burden on our Healthcare System.
  • By reading, I came to the conclusion that a Covid 19 infection, is like Cancer, if you have 1 case, you’ve got too many.
  • In China, one person, in a province, bordering both Russia and North Korea, came down with the infection. She had 283 contacts. Those contacts had contacts. We don’t know yet how many are infected in this new “Hot Spot”. We do know that China intends to isolate , test and trace 17 million.

Let me reiterate:

  • I’m hearing from friends, that GOP governors in many States have reopened their States for business as usual and don’t want to test anyone. Why? If they knew how many were infected and died, they might have to change their ideology?

That’s wrong headed thinking under the circumstances. Because your ideology allows for no compromises or change, many in your State may die unnecessarily or go bankrupt. Don’t you care? The economic toll for opening too early, without a plan, will force businesses to close and the cost of reopening will be greater. Don’t you want to save money and lives?

We have a choice!

  • Follow the CDC guidelines. Test, trace and reopen with a healthy population. Reconfigure your workplaces to accommodate the virus. We’re not talking about Democrats or minorities. We’re talking about a virus, no one has ever seen before, that is wiping out 81, 000 + now. When it swings around for a second or third time, we don’t know, if it will be more or less virulent. What’s your choice?

Can the current Republican Congressional representatives and local Governments become pragmatic and put in the safety measures necessary to resume businesses, along with monetarily providing a social safety net for everyone in need, working or not working, sick or not, medicaid, medicare, the young and the old now, assuring that the affects of this Pandemic are temporary.

  • Or will the current GOP, stick to their ideology and destroy our American Economy, our trading alliances and our lives?

The choice is theirs, now! It’s ours in November, when we vote them out of office. However, I would not want to wait till November for a decision.

The heart and pulse of “We the People”.

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