TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube #51 Post Trump Solutions:

Donald Trump is a Lame Duck President. He will be remembered as a Merchant of Death: 

  • Over 60,000 a day infected, 220,000 + deaths(10/20/20).
  • There is no herd Immunity. There is a “Fake study”. The Great Barrington Report, sponsored by The American Enterprise Institute, representing Fossil Fuels & Phillip Morris (The Merchants of Death) is debunked on TWiV #673 (10/18/20).

Donald Trump stands for big money promoting, voter suppression, fossil fuel extraction, pollution and environmental crisis. He doesn’t want us to think or understand science. If we stopped to think of the science behind Covid, you’d be seeking truth and understanding & you’d be “mad as hell”, that you were deceived. We could have had less deaths and an Economy, if we had a uniform National Pandemic Strategy. For sure,  you wouldn’t Vote for Trump. 

DumpTrump & TrumpsGOP.  They’re reactionary ! The next Administration will have lots to do. Use Invisible Hands for getting your ballot to the polling sites and VOTE! 

There are scientific & Economic solutions in our near future. I discuss them on my YouTube Channel, Our future can be bright and with significant investment in Infrastructure, jobs, WiFi, Education and Healthcare, we can lead healthy productive lives.

The heart and pulse of “WE the People”.

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